X-FAB Group Targeted by Cyberattack

July 5, 2020

X-FAB Group was the target of a cyber security attack. Following the advice of leading security experts engaged by X-FAB, all IT systems have been immediately halted. As an additional preventive measure, production at all six manufacturing sites has been stopped. At this stage it cannot be estimated for how long and to which degree X-FAB’s operations will be disrupted. It is also too early to assess if there will be any financial impact stated company press release.

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Royal Vopak’s Malaysian Oil Storage Complex Hit by Ransomware Attack

April 24, 2023

Vopak has fallen victim to a ransomware attack in Malaysia by what appears to be the ALPHV Blackcat ransomware group. Vopak informed that its business operations in the Netherlands are not in danger.

“We can confirm that an IT incident has occurred at Pengerang Independent Terminals (PTSB) in Malaysia,” a Vopak spokesperson said. “Unauthorized persons have gained access to our data,” Vopak confirms. “The incident is under investigation and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.” The company remains operational. Critical business information was allegedly stolen, including about the company’s fuel infrastructure and systems.

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Daixin Threatens To Publish Network Vulnerabilities After AirAsia Does Not Pay

November 12, 2022

AirAsia has apparently fallen victim to a major ransomware attack by the Daixin Team gang. More than five million records, alleged to be from customers and staff, were exposed online. The claim has not been verified or confirmed by AirAsia. The attack was first reported on Twitter by security researchers with screenshots taken from the darkweb.

The group shared a sample of the data with AirAsia after encrypting its database and demanded an undisclosed fee to unlock it. Daixin Team said they avoided locking up critical files related to flying equipment. They did lock out access to staff and passenger records until payment is made.

Daixin Team say it plans to publish details on the AirAsia network as AirAsia did not plan to pay the ransom. Providing access to and details of flaws in the network on open hacker forums would potentially leave it open for more malicious groups. The group claimed full responsibility for any future negative consequences caused from their actions.

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