Massive Data Leak after Cyberattack at Kenya Airways

December 30, 2023

Kenya Airways appears to have been hit by a cyberattack by Ransomexx ransomware group on December 30, 2023 leading to a massive data leak including highly sensitive and confidential data that they uploaded on the dark internet.

The airline now suffers the aftermath of a targeted cyberattack that has exposed sensitive information. Exposed documents encompass a wide array of highly sensitive information, from aircraft accidents and investigations into employee misconduct to confidential agreements, insurance policies, passwords, and customer complaints.Documents leaked cover aircraft accidents, investigation reports into employee misconduct like fraud, theft, policy violations.

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Cyberattack Causes Widespread Disruption in Kenya

July 25, 2023

Kenya endured a huge cyber attack that has affected services on a key government online platform. The BBC reported the attack against the region’s eCitizen portal. The portal is used by the public to access over 5,000 government services. Impacted were passport applications and renewal, e-visas for non-citizens visiting Kenya, as well as driving licenses, ID cards and health records from being issued.

Anonymous Sudan claim responsibility for an extensive cyberattack in Kenya which saw multiple government services impacted and raised digital concerns.

Mobile-money banking services M-Pesa were also affected by the attack. People were unable to make payments at shops. Public transport vehicles, hotels and other platforms also experienced difficulties. Millions of people across Kenya use Mobile-money to receive and spend money and the platform is seen as widely convenient for those who do not have access to essential banking services.

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