Norwegian Energy Company Investigating Cyberattack at Brazil Subsidiary

February 15, 2023

Norwegian energy services company Aker Solutions said a subsidiary company in Brazil has been subjected to a cyber attack on its IT systems.Aker Solutions said it does not yet know the full extent of the situation, and that a dialogue is being established with the authorities in Brazil about the incident.

In addition, its global IT organisation is working to resolve the situation with external expertise. “The attack is currently directed at CSE, and the attackers claim that they have entered the IT systems, encrypted digital files and locked access to data,” said the company, led by chief executive Kjetel Digre.

CSE is a fully-owned Aker Solutions subsidiary with 450 employees in Brazil. Its main business is providing maintenance and modifications services to oil and gas installations offshore Brazil.

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Cyberattack at Vehicle Wheel Manufacturer in Brazil

December 5, 2022

Brazilian automobile components manufacturer Iochpe-Maxion announced that it had suffered a cyberattack on December 5 in its IT environment. The attack resulted in the unavailability of part of its systems and operations in some units in Brazil and abroad.

The company explained in a statement sent to the Brazilian Securities Commission that it had activated its security protocols to contain the cyberattack and isolated some of its systems to protect the environment. The company confirmed that, together with its specialized advisors, it was acting diligently and making every effort to identify the causes of the incident, determine its extent and mitigate its effects.

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Cyberattack at SPTrans System in Sao Paulo Exposes Data of 13 Million Riders

December 15, 2022

On December 15, 2022, SPTrans became aware that its systems had experienced a cyber-attack resulting in the leak of personal
data of 13 million users of Bilhete Único, the public transportation card of the city of São Paulo. The Bilhete Único cards remain active and the respective balances are preserved , with no losses in the credits used in the transport service.

The exposed data is from the month of April 2020 and include social name, birth date, Individual Taxpayer Registration (CPF), national ID card, address, phone number, email, student’s enrollment, among others. The Cyber Crimes Division (DCCIBER) of the Criminal Investigations Department (DEIC) of the São Paulo State Civil Police has been notified among others, so that a criminal investigation can be initiated to verify the authorship and origin of the leak.

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Systems Offline at Brazil’s National Agency for Petroleum

August 4, 2022

The announcement on websites states systems are unavailable due to an attempted cyberattack that took place last Thursday (4/8). As a security measure, all systems were taken offline to assess the risks to the Agency’s cyber security. Among the unavailable systems are the weekly price survey, the Systems for Recording Documents at Dealer Stations (SRD-PR) and at LPG Dealers (SRD-GLP). The Electronic Information System (SEI), among others, were also unavailable.

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Covid vaccine-maker Dr Reddy Laboratories hit by cyber-attack

October 22, 2020

Pharmaceutical company Dr Reddy’s, which is developing a Covid-19 vaccine, stated it has been hit by a cyber-attack. Sites around the world have been affected, including those in the UK, Brazil, India, Russia and the US. The India-based company said it had isolated all of its data centre services to contain the attack. The attack came only days after the pharmaceutical company was gearing up for a phase 2/3 clinical trial of Russia’s COVID-19 vaccine, dubbed Sputnik V, after gaining the trial go-ahead from Indian regulators last week.

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Steel Plant infection with Ahack Worm

January 1, 2008

WIZARD SPIDER is a sophisticated eCrime group that has been operating the Ryuk ransomware since August 2018, targeting large organizations for a high-ransom return. This methodology, known as “big game hunting,” signals a shift in operations for WIZARD SPIDER. This actor is a Russia-based criminal group known for the operation of the TrickBot banking malware that had focused primarily on wire fraud in the past.

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