September 20, 2023

A major cyberattack has hobbled government operations in Bermuda, with officials struggling to restore service. “It is clear that this was a sophisticated and deliberate attack that has resulted in unprecedented stress on basic government systems,” Premier David Burt said. The resulting widespread internet outages affected all government agencies and more.

“After the attack that the government is slowly restoring operations after being hit by a “very sophisticated” cyberattack a week ago. An in-depth forensic audit is underway to determine how the attack occurred, and so far, experts have not uncovered evidence that sensitive data was stolen:”, Premier David Burt said. He declined to say whether it was a ransomware attack.

All systems were immediately taken offline, and network use was strategically abandoned. The Government’s focus has been on safely restoring system functionality, particularly those systems that support providing services to the public.

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