Hackers Paralyzed Computer System at Austrian Light Manufacturer EGLO

July 18, 2022

Ransomware attack has paralyzed the global group’s computer system since Monday.

The Tyrolean lighting company Eglo, based in Pill (Schwaz district), has fallen victim to a cyber attack. As the ” Tiroler Tageszeitung ” (Wednesday edition) reported, the globally active group with 5,700 employees had been struggling with a global failure of the computer system and telephone system since Monday. A technical breakdown was finally ruled out on Wednesday. The ransomware attack happened on Monday night.

The attack impacted production for 12 days. Orders could not be processed or shipped.

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Operations of ÖBB, Austrian Federal Railways, Disrupted by Cyberattack.

December 16, 2022

The ÖBB confirms that it is not a technical fault but a DDoS attack. There have been massive problems at ÖBB since Friday morning . The website is very slow or not accessible at all. According to user complaints, online ticket purchase is not possible at all, or the purchase price is debited several times. ÖBB writes on Twitter that there is a technical problem and the solution is being worked on. The cause of the problem was not mentioned.

ÖBB has now confirmed to futurezone that it was a DDoS attack. Accordingly, all online services of ÖBB were affected. According to ÖBB, the problem was fixed at 12:30 p.m. If you visit the ÖBB website, it is still sometimes not available (as of 2:22 p.m.). It will probably take some time for the situation to normalize.

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BRP Suspends Operations Following Ransomware Attack

August 8, 2022

The Quebec-based company, which makes snowmobiles, personal watercraft and all-terrain vehicles, said it had been the target of “malicious computer activity” and had taken “immediate steps to contain the situation.” BRP (formerly Bombardier Recreational Products) said it has hired cybersecurity experts to help secure its systems and support an internal investigation. Suspending operations could delay some transactions with customers and vendors, BRP said.

BRP provided an update on the situation on August 15: “The Company confirms that the malware infiltration came through a third-party service provider. BRP believes that the impact of the cyberattack was limited to its internal systems.” “The evidence collected so far allows BRP to believe that the impact of this incident from a data privacy perspective should be limited. “

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Cyberattack at Global Wholesale Company METRO

October 17, 2022

International wholesale giant METRO is experiencing infrastructure outages and store payment issues following a recent cyberattack.

The company’s IT team is currently investigating the incident with the help of external experts. Even though its stores are still operating, METRO says that it was forced to set up offline payment systems and that online orders are delayed.

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Austria Crane Maker Under Attack

January 25, 2021

Austria-based Palfinger Group is undergoing a global cyber attack with its IT infrastructure disrupted including sending and receiving emails and its ERP systems. A large proportion of the group’s worldwide locations are suffering from the attack. It is not possible to estimate the precise extent and duration of the attack or its consequences at this time, the company said.

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